Day #4

She’s had a very good morning. She slept well. She woke up smiling. She had no trouble standing on her own. She asked to go play. She ate a full breakfast and asked me to bring her tea this afternoon. We laughed as we pinched mommy and we joked about how clumsy I am. The neurosurgeons paid a visit early in the morning, and we were very glad to see Dr. McComb back on rounds. Something about his presence puts us at ease. She’s still in PICU, but only because they cannot find a bed for her elsewhere in the hospital. They want to move her today. All of the tubes are gone, except for a dangling IV that they connect only when they need to administer medications.

We’ve been told that Dr. Finlay, the lead oncologist, will stop by to meet with us once she’s moved out of the PICU. We’re hoping that the pathology report has arrived so that we know more about what we’re dealing with. The delivery of that report is the biggest point of contradiction. Some assert that it will definitely arrive today, others claim it takes far more time. We’re not sure what to expect.

In preparation for the pathology report, I started making contact with other pediatric oncologists across the country. I have a disc with Jordan’s MRI scans on it, and I have requested a hard copy of the pathology report. These I plan to overnight to any expert who will review the case. It’s not that I don’t trust Dr. Finlay, because he’s come with very high praise. I want to ensure we’ve evaluated all of the treatment options before we proceed. Many of you have contacted me with connections to various doctors. Thank you for all of your suggestions. I have sent replies to some of you. I am most interested in finding inroads to UCLA because their pediatric oncology unit is very highly regarded. Other hospitals of interest: Children’s National Medical Center, Children’s Hospital Boston, Children’s Hospital Philadelphia, City of Hope, Johns Hopkins Hospital. If you have any connections at any of these hospitals, please send me an email with directions on how I can connect.