Top 10 Reasons Recovery Is Going Well

Jordan leapt forward with great progress this week. Her dressing was removed today and the surgical area is healing perfectly. Her mood is good and she’s regained much of her physical and cognitive abilities. She’s scheduled to start chemotherapy next week. In the meantime, her doctors have given the “all clear” to return to school and normal activity.

It’s been a very good week. A la David Letterman, following are the top 10 reasons we know Jordan is getting better.

10/ She sings spontaneously with songs of her own design (yes, this is normal behavior)
9/ She’s back to mismatching her clothing into eccentric and spirited combinations (again, normal)
8/ She makes a huge mess out of her room on a daily basis
7/ She “takes a little nip” from the sugar stash when we’re not looking
6/ She wants to go back to school
5/ With her parents, she is generous with the attitude
4/ She chases the cats around the house and attempts to dress them
3/ She doesn’t want to take a bath
2/ She requests tea every morning
And the #1 reason we know she’s getting better…

She’s doing everything possible to annoy her brother!