Returning Health

Jordan went in for her monthly appointment with the lead oncologist. He was very pleased with her recovery. Since discontinuing the use of Vincristine, Jordan has bounced back on many fronts. Her speech is clearer. Her eyes are lively. And she glows again. The doctor noticed all of these factors and congratulated her on her progress. He also prescribed a new drug that may speed her physical recovery and help her walk again.

For her part, Jordan was pleased to visit the hospital without getting poked with a needle. No labs were necessary this time around and she could not have been more ecstatic. When I arrived at home last night she was already in her comfiest pajamas cuddled into her bed playing with a flashlight. She bounced up and down when I sat down beside her.

“How was your visit with the doctor, Jordan?”

She managed to widen her smile – something I wouldn’t have thought possible.

“It was great, Dad. It was great!”