Phase ?

Good news and discouraging news. I won’t say bad news, because it really isn’t.

First, Jordan is doing so well emotionally. She is the happiest I’ve seen her in months. She looks beautiful and healthy. It’s hard not to feel warm when she’s in the room.

But she’s not recovering as fast as we or her doctors would prefer. The chemo drug Vincristine did a number on her legs. The problem is that it hurts her to try walking, so she avoids doing it. Every day she avoids walking, the muscles in her legs get weaker.

Outpatient physical therapy was increased to twice a week, but she’s not progressing fast enough. It is very likely that the next phase for her treatment will be an inpatient therapy. She would check in to the hospital each Monday and then undergo five days of regimented physical therapy, occupational therapy and private tutoring. She’d check out each Friday and be with her family for the weekend before returning to the hospital on Monday. The specialists think it will take at least three weeks to get her back up and walking again.

As I said at the onset, it’s not really bad news. I want to see Jordan on her feet. But I dread the thought of her being separated from her family for extended periods of time. She thrives on her family life. She enjoys badgering her cats. And she loves cuddling with her mom and dad. It’s temporary, but it will be hard on her.

We have not told her about this. It’s not definite yet. But if she doesn’t show signs of progress this week, it is very likely to be the next phase of treatment.