As expected, Jordan will return to Children’s Hospital for rehabilitation. She’s scheduled to check-in Monday after she finishes with chemotherapy. The rehab program can last for 3-6 weeks. She’ll spend two uninterrupted weeks to kick off the program. After that she will remain inpatient from Sunday to Saturday until she regains the ability to walk on her own.

We broke the news to Jordan last night. She took it well, but I sensed a bit of disappointment. When we sat down to dinner last night she asked to pray. This was what she prayed:

“God, thank you for my family … and Charlie and Abbie and my cousin Megan.”

Jeanette and I looked at each other, each feeling the lump in the other one’s throat.

This will be an easier visit to the hospital for Jordan than her previous stays. Fortunately, there will be no tubes connected to her body or constant vital checks from nurses in the middle of the night. But she will be away from her friends and family for an extended period of time, and unlike previous stays, she’ll be very conscious throughout.

We are so grateful to you, our friends, for your gestures of generosity and compassion these past few months. We have been particularly touched by the support of our friends at All Saints Church, who organized meal delivery every Monday so that Jeanette didn’t have to worry about cooking on the days Jordan went in for chemo. Many of these friends were previously complete strangers to us – and their love and thoughtfullness has touched our lives. As Jordan rounds this next corner, we hope we can rely on you all to stop by or call Jordan and let her know she’s not alone. Please help us encourage her and lighten her spirits. She’s never needed her friends more than now.