Sizzle and Fizzle

Call it the dramatic season end to a popular television show. A major plot point unfolds and just when you want to know what happens next … the credits roll and you have to wait four months to pick up with the story again.

I know. That’s what I did to you all.

When we last left our heroine, she received news that her tumor was shrinking and she was given leave to return home from a lengthy hospital stay. Then the air went silent and the traffic spiked on the site with friends and family wanting to know “then what?”

The short version of the story is simple: our family doesn’t grasp the concept of incremental change. Everything with us, it seems, happens at once. The same day Jordan was discharged we moved into a new house. Then I hit the road with two weeks of business travel … oh, and Luc’s baseball season began. It’s crazy.

Jordan is great. Not only is she walking more, her spirit is vivacious and strong. She’s thrilled to be home. She loves having her own room. And she takes great pride in her recent accomplishments. In fact, this week she managed her chemotherapy dose without any fuss – a significant feat. Normally, we have to hold her down to access her port. It isn’t the pain, it’s the associated anxiety she’s developed. But working with a child life specialist at CHLA, she found a way to conquer her fear. She called me while I was in New York to say, “Dad, I did EXCELLENT today when they came to take my blood.”

So while our family may be a bit stressed out, and we may be hard to reach, we are actually doing quite well. And a new season of episodes on Jordan’s Journey will unfold soon on a webscreen near you.