The Thrill Seeker

Perhaps going under the knife for two brain surgeries did it. I imagine that would make most anything seem pretty tame to me. Or perhaps it’s a side effect of the chemotherapy. Or maybe it’s just the girl she’s become. Jordan loves a good adrenaline rush.

That’s right. She’s a thrill-seeker. We know this because Thursday she tagged along with her brother and our friends James and Michael Muro to Universal Studios. She’s tall enough to ride everything now, and ride she did … even when her brother chickened out. As you can imagine, she goads him about this constantly.

Jordan at Universal Studios

Jurassic Park, The Mummy, Back to the Future … she rode them all. And she loved them. She can’t stop talking about how fun they were. She’s very proud that she didn’t get scared. Quite the opposite, actually. She wants to go back and ride them again. Jeanette said the automatic ride photo from Jurassic Park perfectly captured Jordan’s approach. As their boat tipped down to plummet four stories into a splash of water, everyone in the boat reeled back, wincing about what was to come. But not Jordan. She leans forward with a brilliant, toothy smile on her face.

Enter Jordan the adventurer. She’s my young Mame. She lives the phrase, “life’s a banquet and most poor suckers are starving.”