Two Steps Forward…

There is progress to report. Jordan was conscious for longer periods of time today. She has been able to respond to yes or no questions by nodding, but she’s still unable to speak. Her eyes were much more alive. She even watched television for awhile and helped us choose a channel for her by nodding when she found one she liked.

When I arrived, she was soundly asleep. While Nettie and I were visiting and catching up on the latest conversations with the medical crew, Jordan opened her eyes and looked over at me. I held her hand and complimented her on how fabulous she looked. Later, I asked her if she wanted to snuggle and she nodded yes. It was a bit of a challenge to the laws of physics for me to find space on the bed, but once I did, she rested her head on my shoulder. I reminded her of some of her favorite episodes of Zack and Cody and I actually got her to giggle. She tried to tell me something but all that came out were a jumble of sounds. I could tell this frustrated her, but it didn’t spoil the moment.

She cannot swallow much, so she now has a feeding tube, which she tolerates. Her right side is not fully responsive. She can’t use her right arm, and she’s aware of this, though she’s coping with it well. She’s tired and lacks energy, partly because she has not had any food since Monday. This was partly due to treatment, partly due to being unconcscious, and partly due to uncoordination by the hospital. She should have received some nourishment through the tube this evening.

Unfortunately, the day did not end well. Around 8pm she had a significant seizure that lasted for nearly four minutes. It was not as violent as the seizures she had a year ago, but it was more pronounced than the ones she had a few days ago. She’s been given some extra meds and is under close watch. When last I connected with Nettie, Jordan was resting comfortably again. We’ve asked for a consult with the team tomorrow.