Getting By With Help From Her Friends

Ever since her very first hospital stay, Jordan has reacted well to pet therapies. Specially trained dogs visit the hospital nearly every day. Their sole purpose: bring a little joy to sick kids. In Jordan’s case, the effect is startling, as these three pictures reveal.

The first picture is from her second day in the hospital, when she was in a continuous state of unconsciousness. Notice that she tries to open her eyes for the picture. Her hand was not placed. She reached out for the dog just before the camera caught the picture.

The second picture is taken a couple of days later. Jordan was unconscious most of the time, and beginning to have very serious seizures. Just before this picture with Moses was taken, she bolted to a sitting position. You can see Jeanette rushing in to stabilize her.

The last picture was taken a few days ago. Though difficult to make out in the photo, Jordan smiled at the dog.