I’ve seen a lot. Working in entertainment does that to you. There are a myriad of memories and experiences that caused me to sigh and feel so little in comparison to the apparition of greatness. A David Lean tracking shot. A Bob Dyland lyric. The helicopter onslaught in Apocalypse Now. The opening strains of Aida. A Hockney portrait.


She may be the most humbling experience of my life. She’s so strong, so noble, so dignified. Watching her muster the energy to go trick-or-treating was a work of art. Slow, methodical, spirited – she set her mind to celebrating Halloween, and she did.

I tell you, there are few things more beautiful in life than watching this child march on. Every time I believe hope is sapped from my veins, she proves me ignorant. I draw strength from her countenance. I am humbled by her vibrance. She captivates without trying, resonates with little motion, and endears intoxicatingly.