Outside In

I wish there was a more eloquent way to say she’s doing great. She is. So I will. She’s doing great.

And I probably notice it more than others in the family because I’ve been traveling so much. Being away for several days only makes her progress more apparent. Her progress is staggering. I go away and when I come back she’s more vibrant, animated and … well, Jordan.

Her physical therapy team re-evaluated her this week. While she still has some physical deficits on her right side, in other areas she is actually more capable than she was before her hospitalization.

The truth is, she overpowers everyone who visits her. No one can believe this was the same girl who was comatose only a few weeks ago – even her doctors. We are naturally apprehensive. It’s easy for her force of will to misdirect our attention; make us think she is smashing when another storm is brewing. But she’s magnificent in her comebacks!

Before I end this brief post between airport visits, I want to send my gratitude to everyone for the abundant support. While I’ve been away, I’ve taken comfort in the blanket of friends and family that look after my family. Every night Jeanette and the kids have had a good hot meal without having to worry about how to fix it. It’s hard to express how grateful we are and how much that means. One less thing for Jeanette to worry about, and a giant reminder that we are not alone in Jordan’s Journey. Thank you.