Anticipating a Wish

Next week, our family is headed to Orlando, Florida. The “Make a Wish Foundation”: is sending Jordan to Walt Disney World, something she’s been bubbling about daily. Every day we revisit the countdown:

“Dad, is it Monday, yet?”

For the record, Walt Disney World was Jordan’s backup wish. Her first wish was to appear on an episode of “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody”: on The Disney Channel. We got as far as an invitation to a taping and a backstage meeting with her favorite twins, but my little diva wanted camera time – and that’s a bit harder to pull off. She was happy to revert to her backup plan.

We look forward to many things in the new year. We pray for Jordan’s health and victory in her battle with cancer. We find promise in her strength, her will and her buoyant spirit. We celebrate the generosity and kindness of our friends and family, knowing that we will never be alone, no matter where the year takes us. And we focus on hope – hope for healing, hope for the wisdom of her doctors, hope for courage and strength, and hope for many celebrations.

I think Disney World is a good way to start.