Magic in the Kingdom

Jordan and Cinderella
Jordan shares a story with Cinderella while getting her autograph

Day 4 finally came – our trip to the Magic Kingdom. For the record, our “rest day” on day #3 was not very restful. Instead of lounging leisurely as we planned, we spent many hours out of the room shopping and being pampered. While Jordan and Jeanette were over at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique getting Jordan’s princess makeover, Luc and I decided to spend some quality time alone together on the links.

It can be said that Luc has earned a wish or two himself. He’s been an anchor for Jordan throughout her journey. He’s tougher than I give him credit. And though we work very hard to make sure it doesn’t happen, inevitably Luc makes a few sacrifices because of Jordan’s condition.

About a year ago, we started going out for an occasional game of golf. I’m a terrible golfer and he’s just getting started. We make quite a twosome. But the time together is always good: just us, our clubs, and the greens. That’s what we did Wednesday. We played nine holes on Disney’s beautiful Oak Trails executive course. We walked over two miles on a gorgeous day, and we both enjoyed it.

After the golf, the makeover, and a filling lunch, we went back to the hotel and hit the pool. No matter that the weather was chilly. We hit the pool, because that’s what the kids wanted to do. Fortunately, the pool was heated. It was still grueling to make that cool walk from the water to the pool deck, though. We finished the evening at Emeril’s Tchoup Chop and turned in.

Then Thursday came…

Jordan has been going on about Magic Kingdom since she got here. A true California girl, she refers to it as Disneyland, even though we correct her everytime. The most important part of the trip for her was meeting the characters. That’s how she started her day. Give Kids the World hosts a character photo opp. Jordan went on stage with Mickey and Minnie and posed with her family for some great photos. Then we headed over to Magic Kingdom and headed straight for Toontown Fair so that she could get autographs from all the princesses and some of her other favorite characters.

Jordan and Minnie
Jordan was excited to meet Minnie

Four long days of constant walking are starting to take their toll on her stamina. She suggested we rent a wheelchair when we arrive, and we thought that was a good idea. It helped us circumnavigate the park without wearing her out too much. She took in all the usual rides (Pirates, Haunted Mansion, Dumbo, etc.). She also had lunch at Tony’s on Main Street Square (having recently read Lady & The Tramp together). Of course, she and I had to eat the same spaghetti noodle and meet in the middle, just like Lady and Tramp.

We ended our day with a long dinner at California Grill. The food was delicious. The company engaging. Luc and Jordan colored the entire face of our paper table cloth – so beautiful that we rolled it up to take it home. And, as luck would have it, we finished our meal in time to watch the fireworks over Cinderella’s castle.

We were exhausted by the time we returned to the hotel, and pledged to sleep in this morning. Our next stop is Disney/MGM. More to come…