A Great Wish Fulfilled

Jordan and I take a break from meeting with princesses to pose for a photo

We are back in Pasadena–and we’re exhausted. No alarms this morning. The family fell in as each member awoke. We greeted the day with a big platter of pancakes and large pots of tea.

We spent all day Saturday at Epcot. In the morning we breakfasted in Norway at a special Princess affair. Our family was announced to the room as the “Royal Family Vincent” with Jordan leading the procession with pomp and circumstance. Jordan met Belle, Aurora, Jasmine, Mulan and Snow White. She never tired of meeting with the princesses. She hugged each one and politely asked for their autographs. She was hoping to meet Mary Poppins, but Mary didn’t join the breakfast party.

When breakfast was done we enjoyed the rides in Future World. Test Track was the undisputed family favorite. After we’d visited every pavilion worth visiting, we made our way to World Showcase. The kids particularly liked lunch at the Rose & Crown Pub (and I enjoyed the Bass tap), then we ventured across the street to the Toy Soldier. Mary Poppins was meeting with visitors in the courtyard. If Jordan had a bull whip, she would have used it on me to get her wheelchair there faster.

Mary Poppins and Our Family
The family poses with Mary Poppins

It was another one of those “magic moments.” The handler ushered her to the front of the line and Jordan gushed over Mary Poppins. She told Mary how she practiced her advice, and took all her medicine. She even confessed that her daddy once gave her a spoonful of sugar to coax her to take all her meds. Mary’s eyes gazed over at me with a look of sudden understanding, but she didn’t break character. She told Jordan that it was good to listen to her mummy and her nanny … and her daddy, too. Jordan hugged her tightly, told her how much she loved her and then got her autograph. Mary insisted that we take a photograph with her as a family. Jordan was very pleased.

We had dinner in Paris. By this time – day #6 – the family was showing signs of wear and tear. We’d been going non-stop and despite all the magic and fun, we began getting on each other’s nerves. But we managed to have a pleasant dinner. We discussed our favorite moments. The rock wall won as the most popular memory. Jordan’s favorite ride was Grand Prix (Autopia). Luc’s was Test Track. Nettie favored Tower of Terror and I most enjoyed Hulk.

Throughout the trip, Jordan was fearless. We took her on Tower of Terror when we were at MGM. She loved it. We have a great photo of her making a funny face during the image capture. I’ll have to scan it because we don’t have a digital version yet. She would have rode the coasters, had we allowed her. It was fascinating to watch her in action. I wouldn’t say that she didn’t have fears or anxiety. She did. It’s the way that she takes no counsel of her fears that inspires. It’s her mission to face down the daunting. Although, there are some frights she cannot tolerate. In the Haunted Mansion was a large, sculpted spider. It wasn’t even animated. She grabbed my arm and exclaimed, “I don’t like the spider!”

“Jordan, it’s just pretend. It doesn’t even move.”

“I don’t like it. I’m going to close my eyes. I don’t even want to THINK about it.”

I got a laugh out of that. Drops she can handle. Surgeries, too. Plastic spiders – she doesn’t even want to think about them.

On the flight home I asked Jordan if she had a good time. She smiled and told me it was the greatest time she could remember. She had so much fun – and she rarely tired out. She did confide that she was happy to be going home.

“I can’t wait to sleep in my own bed, watch my own tv and play on my own computer.”

She turned in early last night. But she was among the first to rise this morning. She helped me prepare breakfast, just like she always does – in her apron and with a smile.

The Make-A-Wish Foundation delivered a great wish for Jordan. The people at Give Kids the World and all of the theme parks pampered her spectacularly. She never waited in a line. She received special attention throughout. Thank you to everyone who helped make it possible. And thank you to everyone who followed along.

Jordan has a busy week ahead. Tomorrow she restarts physical and occupational therapy. Wednesday she goes in for an MRI (keep your fingers crossed). Thursday, she starts her next chemo cycle. She’s taking her autograph book and many photos along with her to share with her friends at Children’s Hospital. The memories from last week will serve as a spoonful of sugar.