When We Last Left Our Heroine…

It’s been several weeks since I’ve posted and I’d prefer to say that life has kept me too busy to write. But the truth is I’ve just kept putting it off. Life has kept the Vincent family busy and here’s the quick update to get you back on the same page.

In June our family expanded as we welcomed Gracie, a 4 month old pug, into the Vincent clan.

School’s Out

Jordan graduated from first grade and Luc finished the fifth. Both of them were very happy to end the school year.

Jordan shows her diploma
Jordan began summer school last week. Luc passed on summer school but opted to go to “away” camp for the first time. He enjoyed a week at Camp Pali where he took the film director’s track. He returned with a DVD showing off his directorial talents.

Health Matters

Jordan finished the last dose in her new chemo cycle today. She gets a break for a couple of weeks before beginning again. The most significant new side effect is fatigue. She gets tired quickly, and when she zonks out, she sleeps hard – often napping for several hours. She looks thin to us, but she’s actually gained weight. Other than a little nausea here and there, she’s been very active and feeling well.

A Dog’s Life

We really missed having a dog in the house, but we knew that our circumstances required a special breed. Back in Illinois, my uncle Ferris breeds beautiful pugs. My sister Lisa and my parents each have dogs from his litters. They’re wonderful with the kids and the perfect size for Jordan. So we finally called Ferris up and made arrangements to adopt one of our own. We brought Gracie home last week and she immediately fit right in. She’s a four-month old puppy with a sweet disposition and enough spunk to keep the kids laughing.

Girl’s Holiday

Last week, Jordan and Jeanette travelled to Portland to visit my sisters. Jordan had been looking forward to the trip for months – a girls only excursion. I pampered them with all the might my frequent flier miles and credit cards would allow. They flew first class, had a car take them to the airport and stayed at the luxurious Westin Portland. They had a great time, but the travel took a lot out of Jordan. She showed familiar symptoms early, and of course, we know now what to look for. Just to be safe, her doctors prescribed some medication to ensure that her brain could rest while she enjoyed pedicures and museum trips. When she returned home it took her a few days to fully recover, but she sure enjoyed getting out and away.

More to come…