Fun in the snow

One More Run
We started our first full day of vacation in Beaver Creek today. Jordan couldn’t wait to go out and play in the snow. Within the first 10 minutes of her frolicking she managed to make a snow angel, bean her brother with snowballs, build a “girl fort” and roll around in it for awhile. She’s having a blast.

This afternoon we borrowed sleds from the front desk and tackled a small hill. Jordan went further and with more speed than any of us. I suspect a big reason is her slight frame and light weight – but she took great pride in her accomplishments. The sledding outing ended in a giant snowball war. I accidentally beaned Jordan in the face. I was convinced this would start a melt-down. She looked at me with a stunned expression for about a second, then it turned to a smile and even faster, a “I’ll get you back for that” grimace. She did get me back. I should mention that she has a very strong throwing arm. Surprisingly good aim!
Tomorrow she has a private lesson with a snowboard instructor. She’s really looking forward to it, although she confessed to me this morning, “sometimes it freaks me out.”