To Scream Jordan

Searching for the product that glitters and screams “Jordan”

“I’m not ready to go yet,” she exclaimed as she rounded another aisle at Sephora.
“You have nearly 10 items on your list,” Jeanette replied. She held the spiral-bound notebook Jordan used to record all the things she’d like to have as future gifts.
“But I’m trying to find something that is glittery and that screams Jordan!”

Jeanette raised her hand to her mouth to suppress a laugh. Jordan wouldn’t have known. She busily fingered display items on the lip gloss counter.
She was so good for her grandparents while we were away that we offered her a chance to window shop at one of her favorite stores. She loves to “girl it up,” and Sephora is just the place she loves to indulge her girliest fancies.
When at last she had sampled her fill, and added several entries to her wish book, she proclaimed to the entire store, “the movie star is going home.”
And off we went.