Jordan, in one of her contemplative states

“You know what’s living, Dad?”
Her eyes narrowed as she looked just beyond me. I had been slicing an apple for us to enjoy with a chunk of blue cheese and some toast, but when she changed the subject from coloring books to life, I gave her my full attention.
“What’s living?”
“This blue cheese is living.”
I agreed with her and told her again how cheese changes every day, just like wine, because it contains bacteria that grows and gives it delicious flavor. She nodded, but then added.
“Yeah. But this IS living.”
She generously coated an apple slice with the cheese, but before biting into it, she crumbled off a bit of the cheese alone and savored it. She dissolved into a mild ecstasy of the palette in a dramatic flourish that can only be regarded as Jordan’s signature.
A few minutes later she wandered off, leaving me alone to my snack and a bit of reflection. She was right, of course. A good cheese is living.
We have a big week ahead. On Wednesday she goes in for an MRI. The doctors want to do a full review of her progress. They plan to compare the scans from this session with those from when she was first diagnosed. Our goal is to gauge the effectiveness of the chemotherapy and determine our game plan. We are a bit apprehensive, as we always are when she is about to scan in. But we try not to think too much about it. We take it one day at a time, and enjoy the pleasures of cheese in between.