Jordan and Luc help Jeanette celebrate Mother’s Day

Tomorrow, Jordan goes in for a full MRI. It’s been about three months, and it’s time to see if we’re making progress. It’s time to look in on the disease.
We’re all a bit jumpy. These procedures have become so routine that we often take the results for granted. But I found myself unable to think of much else today, and Jordan is preoccupied with the minor details. She keeps reminding me of the appointment tomorrow, and insists again and again that I hold her hand until she falls asleep (which I always do when I go along).
Jeanette and I have trained ourselves to focus on the day at hand. Anticipating the troubles the future might bring yields little benefit. But days like tomorrow remind us of the oft-forgotten gravity in Jordan’s life. It pricks us till our skin is raw, and rushes our adrenaline emotion.