The “Put Together” Birthday Girl

Jordan decked out for her birthday celebration

When I arrived, she stood in the center of the living room, fully dressed and ready to go. She had been waiting for me. Birthday dinners out are a sacred tradition in our house. The celebrant can select any restaurant they fancy. Jordan’s first choice was sushi, but … a girl on chemo can’t take too many chances, so we talked her out of it. Second choice: El Chollo.
I should describe the birthday girl who greeted me. Pink, floral print dress with plenty of poof and a large silk flower at the waist line. A pink under shirt. Light pink tights capped by black felt shoes with magenta satin trim. A sporty purple reticule draped across her shoulder nearly matched her purple cats eye glasses frames. She looked like a fashion designer who was on a pink exploration while in town from New York for only a day.
She had a lovely birthday. We ate. We sang. We toasted her health and the 10 years of joy she’s brought to the world.