Positive Check Up

Jordan received a very good report at her checkup with the oncologist today. She was just delighted to see him. She is very fond of Dr. Finlay. He was accompanied by doctors from Moscow who were visiting and intrigued by Jordan’s case. She didn’t mind. She’s also fond of a larger audience.

One minor update – she is now able to take her oral chemotherapy pills on her own. This is a *big* deal for her. As you might know from earlier posts, for a long time we had to break the pills apart and mix them in with apple sauce. She hated the taste. But a few days ago she decided to try swallowing the pills whole. She was successful and now she actually gets excited when it’s medicine time. Unfortunately, her infectious enthusiasm has also resulted in a bizarre catch phrase. When I got home last night, the first words out of her mouth were, “Dad, I just love taking my pills.” It just sounds wrong.