Next Step

Notes and Observations

She wants to write her story. She calls me at work to share the news.
– Dad, I want to write a story about my cancer. Will you help me?
Later, when I am home, she tells me more. She wants to write a story about what’s happened to her. She wants to start at the beginning, when the headaches arrived. She tells me this with impeccable clarity. There is none of the crazy logic she sometimes employs. Her eyes pierce me. She means this.
I have an idea–an idea for what this site could be. I think it could be a place where kids like Jordan share their stories. Writers, photographers and other supporters could help them do it. We could help them tell their stories and coach them to highlight the moments and memories that keep them going. I don’t know how this would work, but I am inspired by Jordan’s desire to write. I have thought about it constantly since she dropped it on me so plainly, so honestly.