In her words

This is what we have so far on her POV of the story. (btw, she nags me every day to write more)

This is a story about a girl who got cancer. Her name was Jordan. One day, she had really bad headaches. Her mommy and daddy took her to the emergency room. She was frightened. But then, she saw her doctor–Dr. Cohen. Dr. Cohen made her happy. But that day, Dr. Cohen was worried about Jordan. She didn’t know why Jordan was having headaches and she thought Jordan should spend some time in the hospital.

At the hospital, Jordan got a special bracelet that listed her name and her birthday. Jordan though it was silly that they put her birthday on a bracelet. After she got the bracelet, they put a strap on her arm and pushed a button. And the strap squeezed her arm like a huge bear that wouldn’t let her go.

“Ow!” She said. “Why is that thing grabbing me so tight.”

The nurse said, “shhh. We’re taking your blood pressure.”

Jordan held still while they took her blood pressure. The headaches throbbed in her head and made her dizzy. Jordan had to close her eyes to forget the bear claw and the pain she was feeling.

After they took her blood pressure … and her temperature … and her weight … and they looked in her mouth, they put her in a wheelchair and gave her a ride to a room with a bed that went up and down, side to side, and all around. Even though the headaches hurt so bad, Jordan thought the bed was fun.