Spring Break

Jordan enjoyed Spring Break this week. Frankly, I think she had too much time on her hands, but it didn’t stop her from lamenting about Spring Break coming to an end. But she was particularly sweet on Tuesday – my birthday. She took my picture to put on a card for Sprout Online. They have a contest for birthdays. I posed patiently.

– Dad, smile more. Look excited.
I widened my grin and tried to look excited. She snapped the photo.
– Not that excited.
She giggled and took another photo.
– This one’s perfect. Now, close your eyes.
– Close my eyes?
– It’s just for fun, Dad.
I complied.
– No. Dad, how do I delete the bad ones?
When my photo shoot was done, she made me a beautiful card, with an ornately hand-colored border and a fanciful illustration in the center. I helped her print the photo and construct the final product, then I thanked her for thinking of me. She gave me a giant hug and told me to be happy about being 14. I reminded her that I was actually turning 40. She said that was good, too. Then she skipped off.
She returns to school next week, after chemo on Monday.