Happy Father’s Day

She gave me a handsome handmade card. She drew all the pictures, and dictated her sentiments to her school aid. Here’s what I received in the booklet card, panel by panel:

He’s a great tickler! He knows my tickle spots, especially the one under my arm and my neck!

I also like to watch Andy Rooney with my Dad!

He’s so clever about making podcasts with me.

And he’s so busy working on my book.

He’s the only one who can say fast “snugglebug sugarbug snicklefritz.”

He’s a great cook! He makes the best scrambled eggs and soft bacon.

I love when he reads books to me and we cuddle.

It’s great to have a dad like mine. He’s the best dad ever!

I love my dad. Love, Jordan

I read this thing over and over, and every time, my eyes get wet. Love that girl.