The Latest Scoop

We underestimated traffic and we misinterpreted basic coordinates. By ‘we’ I mean ‘me.’ Caught up in the move, we missed the opening of the latest Harry Potter movie. Jeanette and I promised the kids we’d see it in theatres. Then another weekend went by, and another. By the time I actually got around to buying tickets, the movie was only playing in a few theatres. I found one with stadium seating and assumed the “marina” in the theatre name meant Marina Del Rey, which is not far from here. But, in fact, it was in Long Beach. On this hot Sunday, I tried to maneuver the 405 and then side streets to get there in time. I failed.

– I am not happy – so much I want to say.

Jordan sulked behind me in the car.

– I just need to stop talking right now.

She stewed. Luc tried to help, but it was catastrophic.

– Jordan, it’s going to play on HBO a million times anyway. You’ll watch it, and watch it, and watch it, and watch it…

I shouted for him to stop. I so love the family drives. Jordan’s mood further soured. Then I had an idea.

– We missed the movie, but what if we get some ice cream.

And just like that, Jordan bubbled up. Sugar to the rescue.

She is doing very well. I haven’t posted in awhile because (a) she’s doing well, and (b) we’ve been busy. We are settled into our new home. Everyone loves it here. We enjoy being close to the beach. We enjoy the cooler weather. And we enjoy the closer quarters. Yes, that’s right. We enjoy being a little more cramped. We see each other more and we talk. It’s a wonderful thing.

Jordan turned 11 last week on the 20th. We celebrated with a sushi feast (she received permission from her doctors). She had a great night and she was in a beautiful mood. Last weekend we bought her a new bike. I learned about a program that had launched in New York, where you teach kids to ride by using a smaller bike and taking the pedals off. Jordan and I went over to the local school yard so she could practice running with the bike and keeping her balance. She’s getting better. I think she’ll be riding without any assistance very soon.

All is well with us. We’re counting the days until September 14th, when she goes in for an MRI and the decision to stop chemotherapy. She has already weaned off of the intravenous variety, and she’s eager to stop taking pills. She’s also eager to start at her new school. All in all, she’s finding life delightful, and I find her delightful.