Jordan in Scrubs

The nurse walked right by Jordan. She looked around the waiting room curiously and then asked Jeanette where she was. Jeanette pointed to the vending machines where Jordan stood wearing her favorite pair of scrubs–the ones she wore for Halloween. Jordan thought it was hysterical. We are relieved that when she visits Children’s Hospital these days, she blends into the scenery because she’s in disguise, not because she is such a frequent visitor.
She had a routine checkup today. They flushed her port and had a look at her to see how she’s coming along two months after chemotherapy. Her doctor and all the nurses were struck by how well she looks, how tall she is growing, and how grown up she appears. She gave them no trouble when they needed to access her port, and she earned a plate of sushi for her good behavior. She still can’t get a flu shot. Even CHLA is out of supplies. It worries us a little, but we keep our fingers crossed and wash our hands a lot.
I wish I could have been there with her, but I have been on the road since Monday. But I’ve been smiling all night thinking about my little girl wandering the halls of CHLA in her scrubs telling everyone she plans to become a nurse, and actually blending in with the nursing crew.