Just Bacon

Jordan: Bacon-Lover

By the time my preparation of the Sunday breakfast fixings was complete, she lumbered down the stairs. As usual, she was ready to go from the time of waking. I barely had a moment to say good morning before she started rambling action items for the day.

Jordan can be quite regimented. She has it in her head that on Sunday she must be served an omelet with bacon and goat cheese. If goat cheese is not available, she will settle for cream cheese. Saturdays are for pancakes, but Sundays are always for the Jordan Omelet. So it is written. That’s the rule, and woe be the daddy who doesn’t follow it.

I made this omelet for Jordan over a year ago when there wasn’t much else in our fridge. She loves goat cheese, so I improvised and it’s been her omelet of choice ever since. What she forgets is that the first time I prepared it for her, I also included some sauteed onions and mushrooms–and she loved it. But, let’s face it, Daddy can get lazy on Sundays. Over time, I’ve just cut straight to the bacon and cheese and left out the relish. Today, I thought I would live up to my potential. I prepped a lovely mixture of sweet, sauteed onions in browned butter, with tender mushrooms and a dash of parsley and cilantro to balance it all out. I really felt I had fulfilled my paternal obligation this day … until Jordan sampled it.

– What is this?

– It’s your omelet. I got all of the ingredients today.

– Dad, my omelet is bacon and cheese. Bacon. Cheese.

I tried to explain that she had this before and loved it. She stared me down warily, took a few bites, then told me she had to think about it. She asked me to cover it so she could give it another go in a half hour, then she climbed the stairs to take a shower .

I sat down with my coffee, crunched on a strip of bacon and had to laugh.

– Bacon. Cheese.

I get it.