More Progress

Jordan did AMAZING today. She was so mature at handling everything, which is unbelievable considering the tension we all felt about this MRI. She let them access her port without any pushback. In fact, Jeanette said that when they came in to do the access, Jordan turned to her and said, “do I really have to do this now?” Jeanette said yes and Jordan was 100% cooperative.

When it came time to begin anesthesia, Jordan laid down on the table and told the team she was ready to go to sleep. Normally, she talks until the very minute the sedation enters her bloodstream. Not today. She closed her eyes and fell asleep. They even had to nudge her to make sure the anesthesia had kicked in.

She finally received her H1N1 vaccine, and she again did it without any fuss. She called me to tell me how she sat still even though it hurt.

Best news of all: her scans are stable. The full radiology report isn’t in yet, but there’s no sign of growth. It’s debatable whether or not the tumors got smaller, but they certainly didn’t get bigger. That rushing sound you hear in your ears? That’s our family breathing a sigh of relief. Thank you to everyone for your words of support and keeping us in your thoughts.