Digital Move

With progress in the cancer fight comes progress in the digital story. The Jordan’s Journey website will soon move to a new address. Take a sneak peak.

Why are we doing this? Two reasons:

  1. Jordan’s story is changing and moving into the “life after cancer,” which makes it a good time to consolidate some of the stories with other tales told by Jordan’s dad, Larry; and,

  2. Someday, Jordan plans to take over her site. As many of you have noted, Jordan’s Journey has been told through the eyes of her parents. But Jordan is getting to an age where she has stories of her own to tell. So, we begin the move.

All of your favorite posts and comments will be available at the new address. When we make the switch, you will be automatically forwarded to the new site if you use your old link. You may have to update your RSS feeds. We plan to make the full switch on February 1st.