A Note from a Proud Grandma

[This piece was contributed by Kathleen Callihan Morris, Jordan’s grandmother.]

Jordan completely blew me away last night. As I was driving home, feeling sad for what she’s going through – as well as how painful it is for Larry and Jeanette to witness, my cell phone rang. I know I’m not supposed to talk on my cell phone and drive, but when I saw it was from Jordan, there was no way I wasn’t going to answer. I even thought perhaps Jeanette was calling me on Jordan’s phone. I was momentarily speechless when I heard that familiar bubbly voice with her usual “Hi Grandma.”

Although I definitely heard the strains of fatigue in her voice, she chatted on and on about how she just had hot chocolate and some medicine so it wouldn’t hurt too much, how she wants to go see the movie about the dragon with me, and if I could come see her, that would be great. So I promised her I would come up tomorrow after she got home.

My granddaughter is absolutely amazing. Not once did she complain to me or tell me how horrible it was. Had it been me in that hospital bed, I would have been sharing my pain and probably feeling very sorry for myself. Not Jordan. She even asked about my husband, another cancer survivor. “How’s Keith?,” she asked, which made me chuckle.

I want to be more like Jordan!! She truly is an inspiration, and it brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it again.