Doing Just Fine, Thank You Very Much

She dusts and sweeps. She moves books from one corner to the next. Folds blankets and fluffs pillows. This activity continues for an endless hour. I hear the scraping of furniture on the upstairs patio as she sweeps the deck, one of her weekly chores. Next, I hear the thump and saunter of her descending the stairs. She sits across from me and sits quietly until I look up from the laptop to fix her in my vision.
– Dad, when do I get my allowance?
– Did you do all your chores?
– Yes. And I didn’t complain one bit.

She walks me through her work, allowing me to inspect her attention to detail. It’s mostly good. I pay her and she bubbles back to her room.

– Remember, you don’t have to spend it. Tuck it away.
– Yes, Dad.

And she does. She squirrels more money away than any of us. Jeanette tells me that when they shop, Jordan carefully evaluates her spending power, and always saves a little bit for later.

It’s been a long and bumpy week. She hasn’t had any more seizures. She saw the new neurologist, who was impressed with her composure. The outlook is still unknown, but not much to worry about until we get past the MRI in two weeks. Jordan doesn’t seem to be the least bit concerned. She’s only interested in the summer plans and her weekly chores.