The Nodule

It was not a good day.

Before you jump to conclusions, Jordan is home with us and she is just the same as she was yesterday. She sat with me tonight and watched a program about black holes, and she told me quite casually, “this is interesting.”

But the day was not good.

Jordan had a routine MRI this morning. She did great. She was accessed without a fuss, and she woke up easily and effortlessly. But when the scans came in, cancer photo bombed. She has a small nodule on the T8 vertebra of her spine. It has been spotted before, but today it was significantly larger. Still small, there is no doubt that it is a growing tumor.

We don’t have a solution, yet. The doctors will meet over the next week to discuss the options. One is surgery. Unlike the rest of her disease, this tumor is focalized and solid. Another option is radiation. New rounds of chemo might be another way to go. And, there’s the possibility of doing nothing. We don’t know enough and we will probably seek out another opinion. I am not eager to put Jordan through surgery again, especially on her spine. But, as we should be accustomed by now, we don’t know what we don’t know.

Jordan is a little deflated. So are we.