Progress Report

I wanted to provide a quick update on what we’ve been up to. Jordan’s surgery is tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, August 24th. As I mentioned in the earlier post, that gives Jordan time to go to summer camp and to celebrate her 12th birthday. It also buys us plenty of time to get second opinions. That’s just what we’ve been scheduling. We are flying to Chicago in late July to meet with a neuro-oncologist at Children’s Memorial Hospital. He’s one of three in the States who has a good understanding of Jordan’s cancer (before you ask, yes, Jordan’s current neuro-oncologist is also one of the troika). We are also scheduling an appointment with a leading neurosurgeon at Stanford University. Jordan will be earning some frequent flier miles in the days ahead.

Thank you all for your words of support. The family is coping well. We have our moments of high emotion, and then we settle back into the necessary next steps. Jordan is doing very well.