I start “Why Don’t You Do Right” on the stereo. Upstairs I hear her voice singing along. A few minutes later she thumps down the stairs.

–Get out of here, give me some money, too.

She sings along, missing several words but trying to carry the tune. Just as she’s getting it, she interrupts herself.

–Dad, is this Peggy Holiday?
–Peggy Lee.
–She really is a good singer.
–I’m a fan.
–Yeah, now I’m going to do some push-ups.

She walks over to a corner of the room and begins doing push-ups. Push-ups! It’s 10pm.

–Jordan, why are you doing push-ups?
–I just feel like doing them.

She finishes her routine about the same time that the music changes. Now, it’s “All That Jazz” from the Chicago soundtrack (yes, I was immersed in jazz and showtunes). She doesn’t know this one, but that doesn’t stop her from honky-tonking around the room until something in her switches.

–This is how we do tree pose.

And, she’s doing yoga–showing me how. She tries to hold her balance on one foot. It is not successful, but she wobbles a few times to get it right. She turns to me and smiles broadly and I smile back. I love her.