Jordan did well at her MRI yesterday. As we suspected, the tumor has grown again. It was 11mm in March, 15mm in June and it is now estimated at 19mm. Most likely as a result of its increased size, we are also seeing swelling on the upper part of her spine. All of which tells us we must act.

Fortunately, the LA and Chicago-based oncology teams agree that we should hold off on surgery due to the risks. When Jordan returns from camp next week she will begin a new chemotherapy regimen. It’s somewhat experimental but early results with similar cases have been promising. We will try two cycles of this protocol and then see if it has slowed or reduced tumor growth. If it has, we’ll keep at it. If not, we’ll switch to another protocol.

Since we have elected against surgery, there’s really no reason for Jordan and I to travel to San Jose today, but she did not want to cancel a trip with Dad. So we’re headed up to visit some of the museums and spend a day together, just she and I. Tomorrow she heads to camp.