You may have noticed that our site has a new look and feel. We made some improvements, but to do so, we had to pick up the whole blog and move it to a new location. All the content is there, although a few of the image links may need some maintenance. Also, if you previously subscribed to our RSS feeds or mail notices, you’ll have to start again. But it’s otherwise the same cast of characters you already know. Jordan is happy because the site is pink. She is also completely stir crazy.

On Wednesday, when she went in for her weekly blood tests, we learned that her counts have dropped into the danger zone. A healthy kid will usually have an ANC of about 1,500. Once it drops below 500, the patient is considered neutropenic–meaning there may not be enough white cells to sufficiently fight infection. Jordan’s ANC was 320.

She’s feeling just fine, but as a precaution, she can’t go to school or go shopping or step outside and chat with the neighbors. She’s under house arrest and it’s driving her crazy. In turn, she’s driving us crazy. We get frustrated with her because all she does it talk. But then we take a step back and try to imagine ourselves in her shoes. This morning I was happy to let her talk at me. And yes, it’s at, not to. Every hour or so I give her a big hug and remind her that I’m still her biggest fan.

She heads back to CHLA on Monday. We’re hopeful that the counts have started ticking back up. Under normal circumstances, she should be at the bottom of the bell curve. Most of the adverse symptoms of this chemotherapy protocol occur within the first two weeks. You’d never guess she was deep into a chemo cycle by looking at her. She’s radiant. Her hair has thinned, but she still has plenty of golden tresses to brush and primp. She’s a little pale from being in, but she doesn’t look ill.
I asked her this morning, “Jordan, what’s going through your mind these days?”

–The usual stuff.
–Refresh my memory.
–Fashion design. Candy. And I would like to go get the mail.
–There’s no mail on Sunday.
–But you didn’t get it yesterday.
–It’s just junk and bills.
–But I like to get the mail. If I wash my hands can I get it?
–Why are you so set on getting the mail?
–Dad, it’s just how I entertain myself.

So, I let her go. We sanitized her hands when she was back. She sorted through all the junk mail and circled some pictures in a J Crew catalog. If that’s how she wants to entertain herself, go get ‘em, girlfriend.