Back to business

Jordan recommenced chemotherapy yesterday. We’re scheduled for two more rounds of Cytoxan, then another scan near the holidays to see if we’re making progress. Jordan handled the dose yesterday like a pro.

After seven years, I still found myself swept away by little moments with big impact. Yesterday, before they disconnected Jordan from all the tubes, she said, “I think I might have a headache tomorrow, Mom. Maybe I can’t go to school.”

We push Jordan a lot, but we’re generally willing to let her take a day off from school the day after chemotherapy. Jeanette didn’t react to Jordan’s prediction that she would be feeling poorly the next day.

This morning, when Jeanette went in to wake Jordan she predictably said she didn’t feel well. Jeanette let her rest for a bit before broaching the question again.

– How do you feel? Do you think you might be able to go to school?

– My tummy hurts, mom.

– OK. Do you want to rest for a bit more? Remember, it’s a short day. (She had a doctor’s appointment in the afternoon)

Jordan rolled over and rested for another 20 minutes. Then she appeared in our bedroom doorway – dressed for school.

– Mom, can we stop at Starbucks on the way to school?

When Jeanette sent me a text message telling me that Jordan went to school today, I had to stop what I was doing and just admire my daughter. I can’t explain how proud I am of her in moments like these. Such strength. Such determination. Such pride. I sent Jeanette a reply.

– Wow! She’s going to school. She’s my hero.

A minute later Jeanette replied.

– She says, “thank you, dad. That makes me feel so good inside.”

That makes two of us, kiddo.