Just a Day in Beverly Hills

What a day! There was style and fashion and delicious treats and an abundance of kindness. How’s that for a day?

Jordan and several of her friends from Children’s Hospital were invited to spend the afternoon at Christophe Beverly Hills. Christophe is known for styling the locks of beautiful women and men, rock and celebrity royalty, and politicians alike for over twenty years. The whole event was hosted by the Everlasting Smiles Foundation. Jordan was in heaven.

The event couldn’t have come at a better time. Chemo has taken a toll on Jordan’s beautiful head of hair. It’s been thinning and she has refused our suggestions to have it trimmed because she likes longer hair. When this invitation came through though, she was only too happy to let a celebrity stylist cut it shorter, make it look fuller, and blow it out so that some might easily confuse her for a Disney Channel star.

There is something to be said for the “kindness of strangers.” I am struck by the generosity of Christophe and his crew. They welcomed all these children into their salon and treated them like royalty. Jordan came home positively brimming with pride. She even let me take some photos of her in her new style. Also posted here are beautiful photos Jeanette took throughout the event.