The Tuesday Chapter

Jordan begins radiation therapy this Tuesday. She was fitted on Friday and proud of herself because she didn’t need sedation (some patients find it difficult to control the gag reflex when the mold is created for the mouth-guard). She called me to tell me that she received a new blanket from the CHLA team (her third).

–Sweetheart, I’m glad it went well … but you already have two blankets.
–Well, they told me I could have another one.
–Is it nice?
–It’s so cool. I can’t wait for you to see it.

Because the tumor is in a sensitive part of the spine, she will receive a small dose of radiation about every day for six weeks. She will have to be sedated for each session because healthy tissue could be damaged if she moves the slightest bit. Fortunately, each dose lasts for only 2 minutes, so she won’t be out for long.

Jeanette and I are cautiously optimistic about the new chapter on Jordan’s Journey. We keep telling ourselves it’s going to work. On the other hand, we worry about the consequences if it doesn’t. Jordan can only receive six weeks of radiation therapy. After that, any additional radiation to the spine could be dangerous. That means, if it doesn’t work, we’ll have to revisit the subject of surgery or perhaps some very aggressive chemotherapy drugs. Right now, we’re trying to stay positive and we’re hoping for good news in six weeks.

Some of you have asked why I haven’t posted much. I am at work on a big writing project and haven’t had much time to update you all. Rest assured that Miss J is her usual self and I’ve kept my notebook handy to jot down some of her unique moments to share with you soon.