It was a good week for the girl. She was extremely anxious about starting radiation, but after her first treatment she realized it wasn’t so hard and it took less time than chemo. She’s holding up well. She asked me to take her to her photography class today. It was great to watch her play with photos. She has a genuine interest in the subject and she’s taking some beautiful shots. I’ll post some soon.

She’s still not so sure about the purple ink on her face, but she seems less self-conscious. She doesn’t wear a hat anymore and she isn’t very shy about mixing up with strangers. We have scheduled a fantastic photo shoot for next weekend, and she’s pretty excited. She’s also excited because this Tuesday she will probably appear in an episode of Glee. She was one of about eight patients who were invited to shoot a sequence with Jane Lynch and Matthew Morrison a few weeks ago. She had a GREAT time on the set at Paramount Studios and she’s pretty pumped up about the possibility that she’ll see herself on television this week. It doesn’t hurt that she also is a big Gleek.