War Paint

It was a magical day. Not because a portfolio session was underway, nor because Jordan looked so beautiful. It was magical because there was so much love. This day was designed for Jordan to feel beautiful. It was meant to reconnect her with her amazing strength. And it was intended to remind her that she was not alone. It achieved all three objectives.

Honestly, this is not my best photographic work. I made a ton of amateur mistakes. But I’d gladly make them all again because in some ways the photos don’t matter. The girl you see in the photos–the real Jordan–that’s everything.

Thank you to the amazing people who gave their time so generously to make this wish a reality, especially Coleen Campbell, who came up with the great makeup expressions–even when Jordan threw us the last minute audible to paint her face like a cheetah (didn’t see that one coming). Jeffrey Paul, who rocked Jordan’s hair. Johnny Franzen who gave us free reign over a terrific studio. And most of all, to Jennifer Pinto, who connected us with all the great artists and was positively unstoppable. Thanks also to all of you who cheered us on. All I can say is, “Wow!” You folks rock.