The Worker

She had three seizures today. She maintained consciousness through them all, but her body spasmed so severely that her shoulders jerked forward and her legs kicked. Her eyes dilated wide for an instant, then shrunk as she observed it all. She told us she was scared as she watched her body behave on its own. We held her; placed our hands on the jerking limbs to try and comfort them towards sedation.

True to form, after each seizure Jordan was ready to do her next thing. We had to lobby her to lie still and rest. Twice she ignored us.

Her body is revolting and she has been kidnapped. Each incursion exacts a toll. She has less energy. She is afraid to go out. She gets justifiably cranky.

Still, she presses on. At the end of a long day that left her feeling less than herself she insisted on doing her homework. I watched her and could only think to grab my camera. It is moments like these that give me strength, hope, and inspiration. She never accepts a setback. Never.