Yellow Ribbons

QUICK UPDATE: We thought Jordan might come home today. Unfortunately, she still has a ways to go on her mobility. Her team doesn’t think she would be safe back at home just yet. When I got the news this morning, Jordan was in a stairwell with physical therapists practicing climbs. She’s motivated and working hard, but not ready to bid the hospital farewell. Tomorrow, she’ll be evaluated and her doctors will decide whether or not she needs to spend more time at CHLA for in-patient physical therapy. Even though the slayer doesn’t care much for this option, her mom and I are supportive. When Jordan lost the use of her legs five years ago because of a severe reaction to a chemotherapy drug, the intense regimen of in-patient physical therapy helped her ditch the wheelchair. I’ll post soon, when I have more news.

Thanks again to everyone who has followed along, sent words of encouragement, and kept us in your thoughts. It means a lot to Jordan and it means a lot to her family. You folks rock!