Big 13

She has been waiting for this day all year. To be technically accurate, she has been waiting for it for a couple years, telling people who asked her how old she was that she would soon be a teenager when she was just eleven. Jordan relates teen status as a magical transformation. In her mind, she joins an elite club today and she’s pretty excited about it.

I will post updates from the festivities later, but right now I have a special request. It is not only Jordan’s big, enormous, gigantic, stupendous birthday celebration. It is also National Lemonade Day. And if you text “Lemonade Day” to 85944 on your mobile phone you can donate $10 to Alex’s Lemonade Foundation, which raises money for pediatric cancer research. Think of it this way, my girl’s a cancer slayer and this wonderful organization is like the “watcher’s council.” (A deep, Buffy the Vampire Slayer cut for you sci-fi fans). ALF does fantastic work. It raises money to end childhood cancer, but it also provides loving support to children and their families. If you really want to get your groove on for Jordan’s birthday today, pour yourself a glass of lemonade and give a gift to ALF.