Home Today

The first text message buzzed my phone at 6:56am. I was at the office already, rewriting a chapter for my book. The message was from Jordan and it said, “JV.” This is her code she sometimes sends me when she wants me to call her, but it is just as often sent when she’s bored and wants to say hello. Because it was so early, I assumed it was the latter and sent back the word ‘love,’ as I often do.

Two minutes later, another text message streamed through—this one a picture of her mother sitting in a cafe. I thought it was odd, but I played along. I took a picture of myself sitting at my desk, waving to her. “Yep,” I thought. “She’s bored.”

Fifteen minutes later Jeanette texts me. “Jordan’s coming home today.”

I will try to temper my frustration at the always spontaneous and frequently disorganized crew at Childrens Hospital so that I can do a happy dance. My daughter is coming home today. Not on a day pass. For good. After evaluating her this morning, her lead doctor has decided that she’s strong enough to continue her therapy as an out-patient. We are thrilled to have her back. Thank you to everyone who helped us get through the last month. Jordan appreciated all of your thoughtful messages and frequent visits.