What’s Up with the Site

You have probably noticed that Jordan’s Journey doesn’t look or feel like it did before. Here’s the scoop: our site was hacked twice. After the second time, I gave up on our hosting service and migrated Jordan’s Journey to Tumblr. In the long-run, the move to Tumblr should provide us with more opportunities to share Jordan’s story with all of you. In the short-run, it will be a headache.

  • If you follow us by RSS feed, you’ll need to update your link. It has changed.
  • You will notice that there are many broken links, especially to images. In time, we’ll get those fixed.
  • All comments are gone. This pains me because so many of you have written encouraging and fantastic notes to us over the years. We have all of them here to read when we need inspiration, but we can’t port them to the new site at the moment. If you want to leave comments in the future, we’re enabling Disqus, which will allow you to send your cheers and thoughts like you always have. (We love those, by the way!)
  • The design is an off-the-shelf theme, but we intend to make this new Tumblr home look, in the words of the slayer herself, “perfectly Jordan”