The Conversation Tonight

Jeanette: Jordan, your dinner is ready
Jordan: (inspecting the pasta in her dish) Why did you disobey me?
Jeanette: What?
Jordan: Why did you disobey me?
Jeanette: I have no idea what you’re talking about, but that’s not how you talk to me.
Jordan: I told you what I wanted for dinner. This isn’t it.
Jeanette: Change your tone. (exits)
I walk downstairs, hungry.
Me: Jordan, would you like me to make you a sausage patty.
Jordan: (cheerfully) Sure, Dad.
(I then make said chicken sausage patty with a bit of apple sauce and seasonings. I bring to Jordan).
Jordan: Thanks, Dad. This is so good. You know exactly what I like to eat, don’t you, Dad?
(Jeanette taps foot in the corner)
Moral of the story — Daddy rocks.