While rifling through a bin of old CDs in the garage, I came across my copies of the 25th anniversary collection of Diana Ross and The Supremes. The first thing that came to mind: this is an excellent set for Jordan. She loves music and I’m constantly selecting new tunes for her. Both she and her brother have a voracious appetite for music. So, I considered myself quite proud of my discovery. I figured I would surprise her at dinner.

After I transferred everything over to my computer and setup the playlist, I cued up the first track, “Love is Here and Now You’re Gone” just as Jordan was descending the staircase. I imagined I would have to wait 30 seconds or so before she asked, “what’s this, Dad?” That’s when I would introduce her to Diana, Mary and Flo. Instead, she started singing along.

–This is such a great song, Dad.

And then she started rambling along doing her best to make up the words she didn’t know. She wagged her head from side to side and narrowed her eyes into a squinty rhapsodic look that revealed just how much she savored the classic Motown sound. 

–You know this song? I asked.

–Yeah, it’s on the CD you made for me.

Next came “You Can’t Hurry Love” and again, she was bopping along.

–Did I give you this one, too?

–Silly, Daddy!

It turns out, I had this same great idea about 3 years ago. But no matter, we shimmied and swayed to The Supremes together as a family while we dined on a good risotto and talked about Jordan’s birthday celebration this weekend. I have to say this for myself: good call, 3 year past Larry. Diana Ross & The Supremes fits the slayer very well.