Walking for a good cause

September is National Childhood Cancer Awareness month and our friends at Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation have launched a really inspiring initiative called the Million Mile Run. People from all over are running/walking a million miles collectively to stand with cancer fighters and show their support for the cause. My colleagues at UTA have taken my breath away by lining up to join us. It inspired our family so much that Jordan pledged to walk a mile, too. Tonight, she got closer to her goal. I came home early and we went around the block together—a full 1/3 of a mile!

It was a lovely evening in Santa Monica, with a nice cool breeze and sunny skies. We chatted about the day’s events and funny things Jordan found on Pinterest as we lumbered around our neighborhood. I held her hand while supporting her with her gait belt. Halfway through our walk we reached an alley that could have served as a nice shortcut. I asked if she wanted to take the easier route.

—No, dad. Let’s keep walking.

And we did.

That girl goes out of her way to find new ways to inspire me. I can’t think of a better reason to leave work early.

Won’t you join us? Sign up to walk with us, or pledge your support by making a contribution to ALSF in Jordan’s honor. Our fundraising page can be found right here. If you don’t know about Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation, take a minute to read the inspiring story of Alexandra Scott, who raised more than $1 million to fund cancer research before losing her own battle with the disease. Today, ALSF has raised more than $60 million towards fulfilling Alex’s mission of ending cancer for all children. Just a few months ago they wrote $7 million in grants for promising research. When you learn about all that they’re doing, you’ll understand why the Slayer is proud to be a Hero Ambassador for this wonderful organization.